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Chamber of Commerce Newsletter

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Looking for Wrightsville Depot and Railroad Memorabilia

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Johnson County Administrator, Guy Singletary, has asked Better Hometown to help gather railroad memorabilia for the upcoming rehabilitation of the Wrightsville Depot. Old photos, documents, tickets are welcome. The material will be housed in the museum section of the depot. Bids go out for construction this month. Anyone having any material relating to the old Wrightsville Depot that they wish to donate, please contact Better Hometown by calling 478-864-2219 or email us at


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Nine years ago Johnson County was contacted to be a part of the Georgia Civil War Heritage Trail s, trails that travel across state borders on historic driving routes throughout Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina.  Each trail follows the historic route of one of the American Civil War’s major military campaigns or other important events.  After a decision by the local commissioners that they were unable to back Johnson County’s proposed inclusion in the trail at a cost of $2500.00, the local Better Hometown and Chamber of Commerce organizations obtained donations from local businesses and citizens in order to make it happen.

After much red tape and unexpected delays, it is expected that the Jefferson Davis leg of the trail, which includes Wrightsville, will soon have its interpretive marker on the square.  At the September Johnson County Commission meeting the commissioners gave their approval to continue with the project locally.

Better Hometown and the Chamber of Commerce wish to thank the following donors, who made Johnson County’s inclusion in the Civil War Heritage Trail possible:

Hilton Holton, Jeanette Caneega, Robinson Rentals, M.W. Hoover, Mary Jo Stephens, Mr. & Mrs. Joe Norris, Ishaque Tekrawala, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Holmes, Charlene Milligan, Wrightsville-Johnson County Chamber of Commerce, City of Wrightsville, Better Hometown of Wrightsville, Donald Smith, Johnson Grays, Carl Sumner, Jimmy Cook, Lattie Price, and Helen Jackson.  

The Civil War Heritage Trail web page may be accessed at













City/County Contact Information

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City of Wrightsville Elected Officials & Department Heads
Lee Williamson, Mayor
April Young, City Clerk
Jan Martin, City Council
Jeff Hall, City Council
Willie Linder, City Council
2566 East Elm Street
Wrightsville, GA 31096
Wrightsville Police Department
Aaron Price, Police Chief
2566 East Elm Street
Wrightsville, GA 31096
Wrightsville Fire Department Emergency Number: 478-864-3311
Wrightsville Fire Department Non Emergency Number: 478-864-9759
Wrightsville Housing Authority
Kevin Price, Director
100 Fulghum Drive
Wrightsville, GA 31096
Better Hometown of Wrightsville, community non-profit
Board Member, Mary Ann Norris
P.O. Box 94
Wrightsville, GA 31096
478-864-2219, Phone
Wrightsville-Johnson County Chamber of Commerce
George Milligan, Administrator
P.O. Box 94
Wrightsville, GA 31096
478-864-7200, phone
478-864-7200, fax
County Elected Officials & Department HeadsJohnson County Board of Commissioners
Web Site:
Matthew Waters, County Administrator –
James L. McAfee, Jr., Commission Chair, (District II)
Jack Foskey, Vice Chairman, (District V)
Felice Pullen, Board Member, (District I)
Donald Smith, Board Member, (District IV)
Jerronney (Ron) Darrisaw, Board Member, (District III)
Johnson County Courthouse, 2557 East Elm Street
P.O. Box 269
Wrightsville, GA 31096
478-864-3388, Phone
478-864-9441, Fax
Johnson County Board of Education:
Web Site:
Rebecca Thomas, Superintendent of Schools
150 Lee Street
P.O. Box 110
Wrightsville, GA 31096
478-864-3302, Phone
478-864-4053, Fax
Johnson County Board of Elections
Debbie Killingsworth, Election Supervisor
6816 East College Street
P.O. Box 269
Wrightsville, GA 31096
478-864-4019, Phone
478-864-2019, Fax
Johnson County Convenience Center
478-864-0590, Phone
Johnson County Department of Children & Family Services
Leigh Thompson Johnson, Acting Supervisor
478-864-4210, Phone
Johnson County Development Authority: (Call County Commission:478-864-3388)
Johnson County EMS
Emergency Number: 478-864-0800
Johnson County Extension Service
Sondra Fortner, County Extension Coordinator, 4-H/FACS
239 Trojan Way
P.O. Box 31
Wrightsville, GA 31096
478-864-3373, Phone
478-864-4004, Fax
Johnson County Health Department
Amy Tanner, Head Nurse,
82 Hilton Holton Street
P.O. Box 28
Wrightsville, GA 31096
478-864-3542,  Phone
478-864-1777, Fax
Johnson County Historical Society
Lisa Keyton, President
478-864-2590, Phone
Johnson County Probate Office

Mary Jo Buxton, Probate Judge
Johnson County Courthouse, 2557 East Elm Street
P.O. Box 269
Wrightsville, GA 31096
478-864-3316, Phone
478-864-0745, Fax
Johnson County Property Records:
Johnson County Recreation Department:
Daniel Tanner, Director
478-864-3901, Phone
Johnson County Road Department
Homer Garnto, Supt.
478-864-3822, Phone
Johnson County Superior Court
Patricia Glover, Superior Court Clerk
Johnson County Courthouse, 2557 East Elm Street
P.O. Box 321
478-864-3484, Phone
478 864-1343, Fax
Johnson County Supports & Services
John County Senior Citizens’ Center 
Vicki Roberts, Director,
108 Hilton Holton Street
Wrightsville, GA 31096
478-864-3255, Phone
478-864-2251, Fax
Johnson County Sheriff’s Department
Rusty Oxford, Sheriff
230 Donovan-Harrison Road
Wrightsville, GA 31096
478-864-3941, Phone
478-864-2944, Fax
Johnson County Tax Assessor
Donna McCoy, Chief Appraiser –
478-864-3325, Phone
478-864-1529, Fax
8679 North Marcus Street
P.O. Box 269
Wrightsville, GA 31096
Johnson County Tax Commissioner
Sherry Vickers, Tax Commissioner
Johnson County Courthouse, 2557 East Elm Street
P.O. Box 269
Wrightsville, GA 31096
478-864-2565, Phone
478-864-7240, Fax
U.S. Post Office, Wrightsville 
Keith Lamb, Postmaster
478-864-8136, Phone
Heart of Georgia Altamaha Workforce Investment Area Serv.
912-739-7158 or 1-800-503-0204