City of Wrightsville

Downtown Streetscape - 2008

Wrightsville, Georgia

Reserve YOUR place in Wrightsville’s heritage, as well as its future. Memorialize individuals, families, businesses and organizations by ordering a brick paver, live tree, bench, or historically styled lamppost in downtown Wrightsville.
Each streetlight and bench will be memorialized with a permanent donor plaque, becoming an enduring part of Wrightsville’s heritage. Each live tree will be appropriately memorialized and planted in Wrightsville’s downtown area. Each brick paver will be engraved and installed on the Courthouse Square.

Please use this form to provide text for lamppost, bench, tree and brick plaques

In (please circle) honor or memory of:_______________________________________________Line 1

 _____________________________________________________________________________Line 2

 _____________________________________________________________________________Line 3

 _____________________________________________________________________________Line 4

 _____________________________________________________________________________Line 5

 _____________________________________________________________________________Line 6

 _____________________________________________________________________________Line 7

  • Seven lines allowed on each lamppost plaque with 20 characters per line maximum. Each space is equal to one character (Text subject to acceptance review)

  • Six lines allowed on each bench and tree plaque with approximately 20 characters per line.

  • Five lines allowed on each brick paver - 17 characters per line maximum – each space is equal to one character

Please circle one

Lamppost $1000 Bench $500 Tree $250 Brick Paver $30

Name of purchaser __________________________________________________

Street Address _____________________________________________________

City/State/Zip ______________________________________________________

Phone (home) _________________________(work)_______________________

Amount Enclosed __________________________________________________

Please mail application to: Better Hometown of Wrightsville P.O. Box 94 Wrightsville, GA 31096


Deliver to offices of City Hall, Better Hometown or Chamber of Commerce