Historical Society Offers Commemorative Coin

July 9, 2009 in Johnson County Historical Society | Comments (0)

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The Johnson County Historical Society is proud to offer its first commemorative coin celebrating the 150th birthday of Johnson County in 2008. This beautiful coin in antiqued brushed brass will be a keepsake for your children and grandchildren. Only 1500 of these “first series” coins will be minted and after this the die will be destroyed. This first series means the historical society is leaving options open for future coins commemorating Johnson County in hopes of having a set of commemorative coins. Coin-photosgives an idea of how the coin looks. This first series coin features the county seal on the front side and the reverse side displays the Wrightsville and Tennille # 40 engine with the W & T Water tank in the background. In 150 years as a county the W & T Railroad has been the single biggest asset advancing economic growth in Wrightsville and Johnson County. That growth lasted until the great depression.  To purchase the coins at a cost of $21.34 (this includes sales tax), order from Kreative Kreations at 478-864-8640, through Donald Smith at 478-232-5913 or contact the historical society at historicalsociety@wrightsville-johnsoncounty.com/  Coins may also be ordered, payable to Johnson County Historical Society, P.O. Box 87, Wrightsville, Ga. 31096.

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