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Business Spotlight: Play Station Child Care & Learning Center

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On August 1, 2010, Judy Scott had a dream come true.  She opened Play Station Childcare & Learning Center.  She had seen a need in the community and had wanted to open a childcare center for a long time, but things never worked out.  When Mrs. Annette Claxton and Mr. Ambros Powell approached her about re-opening Play Station, Judy told them she would have to pray about it and talk to her husband.  After a lot of prayer and talking with her husband, she told them she would open the childcare center.

Play Station Childcare & Learning Center is licensed through Bright from the Start with the State of Georgia.  The center is licensed for 43 children.  Children are accepted starting at 6 weeks through 12 years of age.   Full-time classes are available for children from 6 weeks to 4 years old.  An after school program is available for children from 5 to 12 years old.  They also accept Drop-In’s as long as space is available.

 At Play Station they believe children learn by example, by watching and observing the people around them.  We believe a positive, safe and caring environment will promote and nurture their learning experiences.  They use a state approved curriculum and use art, music and play-time help to stimulate their learning.

One of their most important goals is to give the parents “Peace of Mind” when they leave their children at Play Station to go to work.  Parents are encouraged to come by and call to check on their children during the day.  Play Station also has a “state of the art monitoring system”, with at least 1 camera in each room or area of the center, including the playground and parking lot.  A large screen TV is in the lobby where all areas of the center are monitored continuously during the centers operating hours.  Parents can watch their children on this TV in the lobby.  They are working toward having this system available on their website.

Play Station also has an up-to-date, clean and well organized facility that is in complete compliance with Bright from the Start.  They meet or exceed all requirements.  They are constantly looking for ways to improve and welcome comments from the parents and the public.

One of the best things about Play Station is the experienced and caring staff.  They truly want to make a difference in the lives of the children that attend Play Station.  Annette Claxton is the Director.    Peavy Hudson, Regina Moore and Anna Soles are full-time staff.   They are eager to learn as much as they can and recently attended an all day training seminar in Swainsboro and will be attending more trainings seminars in the future.  They have also been trained in CPR and First Aid.  Thelma Sweat, Nikki Lavender, Courtney Attaway, Sherry Rowland and Robbie Ward work part-time and they all have the same caring spirit that the full-time staff has.  

Play Station’s hours are Monday through Friday, 6:am until 6:00pm.  If you have any questions, please call the owner, Judy Scott at 478-278-6191 or the Director, Annette Claxton at 478-864-6005 for more information.    You can also check out

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