Elected Officials & Department Heads

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Johnson County Board of Commissioners commissioners@johnsonco.org
Web Site: http://johnsonco.org
   Guy Singletary, County Administrator – gsingletary@johnsonco.org
   James L. McAfee, Jr., Commission Chair, (District II)
   Jack Foskey, Vice Chairman, (District V)
   Felice Pullen, Board Member, (District I)
   Donald Smith, Board Member, (District IV)
   Jerronney (Ron) Darrisaw, Board Member, (District III)
   Johnson County Courthouse, 2557 East Elm Street
   P.O. Box 269
   Wrightsville, GA 31096
   478-864-3388, Phone
   478-864-9441, Fax
Johnson County Board of Education:  
Web Site:  http://www.johnson.k12.ga.us/system/index.htm 
    Dr. Hayward Cordy, Superintendent of Schools
    150 Lee Street
    P.O. Box 110
    Wrightsville, GA 31096    
    478-864-3302, Phone
    478-864-4053, Fax
Johnson County Board of Elections
    Debbie Killingsworth, Election Supervisor 
    6816 East College Street
    P.O. Box 269
    Wrightsville, GA 31096
    478-864-4019, Phone
    478-864-2019, Fax
Johnson County Convenience Center
    478-864-0590, Phone
Johnson County Department of Children & Family Services
    Genell Akins, Director
    478-864-4210, Phone
Johnson County Development Authority: (Call County Commission)  
Johnson County EMS
Emergency Number: 478-864-0800
Johnson County Extension Service
    Brent Allen, County Extension Coordinator
    Sondra Fortner, County Extension Agent, 4-H/FACS
    239 Trojan Way
    P.O. Box 31
    Wrightsville, GA 31096
    478-864-3373, Phone
    478-864-4004, Fax
Johnson County Health Department 
    Amy Tanner, Head Nurse, antanner@dhr.state.ga.us
    82 Hilton Holton Street
    P.O. Box 28
    Wrightsville, GA 31096
    478-864-3542,  Phone
    478-864-1777, Fax
Johnson County Historical Society
     Lisa Keyton, President       
    478-864-2590, Phone

Johnson County Probate Office

    Mary Jo Buxton, Probate Judge
    Johnson County Courthouse, 2557 East Elm Street
    P.O. Box 269
    Wrightsville, GA 31096
    478-864-3316, Phone
    478-864-0745, Fax
Johnson County Property Records:  http://qpublic.net/ga/johnson 
Johnson County Recreation Department: jcrd@nlamerica.com  
    Daniel Tanner, Director
    478-864-3901, Phone
Johnson County Road Department
    Homer Garnto, Supt.
    478-864-3822, Phone
Johnson County Superior Court  
    Patricia Glover, Superior Court Clerk
    Johnson County Courthouse, 2557 East Elm Street
    P.O. Box 321
    478-864-3484, Phone
    478 864-1343, Fax
Johnson County Supports & Services
    Kathy Moses, Director,  rtaylor2@csbmg.com
    605 West Elm Street
    P.O. Box 332
    Wrightsville, GA 31096
Johnson County Senior Citizens’ Center
    Vicki Roberts, Director, vicki@wrightsvilleseniorcenter.org
    108 Hilton Holton Street
    Wrightsville, GA 31096
    478-864-3255, Phone
    478-864-2251, Fax
Johnson County Sheriff’s Department 
    Rusty Oxford, Sheriff
    230 Donovan-Harrison Road
    Wrightsville, GA 31096
    478-864-3941, Phone
    478-864-2944, Fax
Johnson County Tax Assessor 
    Donna McCoy, Chief Appraiser – dmccoy@jcboa.org
    478-864-3325, Phone 
    478-864-1529, Fax
    8679 North Marcus Street
    P.O. Box 269
    Wrightsville, GA 31096
Johnson County Tax Commissioner
    Sherry Vickers, Tax Commissioner
    Johnson County Courthouse, 2557 East Elm Street
    P.O. Box 269
    Wrightsville, GA 31096
    478-864-2565, Phone
    478-864-7240, Fax
U.S. Post Office, Wrightsville 
    Keith Lamb, Postmaster
    478-864-8136, Phone
rightsville-Johnson County Chamber of Commerce
    Web Site, http://www.wrightsville-johnsoncounty.com 
    Lynn Lamb, Executive Secretary
    6745 East College Street
    P.O. Box 94
    Wrightsville, GA 31096
    478-864-7200, Phone


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